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How to Gift a Good Corset?

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

During the Victorian Ages, husbands often used to gift corsets to their wives. This is similar to how modern-day men love to gift lingeries to their love partners. While buying lingerie would not be much difficult if you know the size, gifting a corset can be a challenging task. Often women are also not much sure today about how perfectly they can get a corset. So, buying a corset as a gift will become even a daunting task. But you should not lose hope and drop your swords just thinking about the challenges. While the task is challenging, there are several tricks that you can utilize.

Which Corset Should You Buy?

The very first thing that you need to know is which corset you should gift to her.

Of course, when you ask her to choose between a diamond and silver, she will opt for a diamond. So, here you need to make use of your brains a bit.

Has she been using a corset already? If yes, then the best idea is to gift her a waist training corset. These are the most expensive options as they have a higher number of steel bones and are known to offer potential results.

But if she has not yet got introduced to corsets, you can play safe and opt for a fashion corset.

Check Quality

When you are gifting something to your loved ones, of course, you will not gift something cheap and of bad quality. We will not blame you if you end up buying a cheap quality corset as a gift. It is quite understood that it is your first time at corset buying. But you should surely take care of some of the important points while buying a good corset.

You should always prefer to buy a steel-boned corset. This will be efficient in terms of offering you the required result. Also, steel-boned corsets are lesser risky when compared to plastic-boned corsets. If she tries to tighten the corset's laces too aggressively, the plastic boning may bend or even break and may damage the corset or hurt her. This is not in the case of a steel-boned corset.

Secondly, also get a corset that is designed with high-quality materials. Whatever material you choose, such as faux leather, brocade, mesh, and others, you should make sure that they are of high quality. Of course, when you are buying the corsets online, you will not check the quality of the fabric. In such a case, it is always a great idea to buy the corset from a reputed place such as Corset Vogue

Gift Customised Corset

If your partner has already been waist training, there cannot be any other pleasing surprise for her than the fact that you are gifting her another waist training corset. But the waist training corsets will only work when you are getting a customized one. This can be a challenging task if you wish to surprise her with a corset.

Here, you may have to act a bit smart and have to try to get her measurements. You can either get them from the lasts order that she made for a waist training corset. But if she has been wearing the last ordered corset for some months now, it may have altered her dimensions. Hence, the last trick is to ask her trickily to get measured and let you know the changed dimensions. Now, this is entirely your talent about how good of an excuse you can make.

As soon as you get these measurements, you just have to order a customized waist training corset and surprise her. Do not worry much as Bunny Corset offers you an easy method of offering these details and then placing the order.

The Right Style

For what purpose do you wish to gift her this corset? Is this to sizzle up your romantic moments or to take her for dinner on a special day? It can be difficult to check and get the exact corset that you have thought of. Why don’t you check out on Over Bust Corset


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