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Tips to Buy a Corset for the First Time

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Don't worry if you have never owned a corset before because now is good time as any to invest in one. Use the following tips to buy your first corset like a pro!

Must Check the fit

First things first, a woman’s steel boned corset is always 4 inches less than their natural waist. So if you have a 32-inch waist size, then you will buy a 28-inch corset. The only exception to this rule is when you buy an instant shape range that is often available in dress sizes. However, these too can vary in size between brands. So be sure to measure your waist correctly before purchasing a corset. This is especially important if you Buy Corset Online. Check all the measurements carefully in the product description before making a purchase.

Make sure it is comfortable

A corset is a tight-fitting garment. Therefore, it is important for it to be designed in the right pattern for it to be a comfortable fit. For the women to feel confident in their corsets, the garment has to be well-fitted and support their posture for long-term wear. The fabric is not so much a concern in designing a corset as is its construction. A good corset should have a breathable twill lining against your skin unless you are planning to wear yours on top of your shirt. So be sure to check the fabric and construction details when buying a corset.

Focus on quality

Even though you may be tempted to buy a cheaper corset but you must not choose that at the cost of quality. Corsets are a great investment that will not only last you longer but also be more comfortable. A good corset will be strong, sturdy, and made from natural fabric. They will not tear when you stretch nor cause you any discomfort if you wear them for long. Make sure that the corset you buy is made of spiral steel boning that allows the garment to shape itself as per your body shape. If you must save money on your corset, it is advisable to wait for sale rather than compromise on quality.

Choose the right type of corset

The two main types of the corset are overbust and underbust. Both the corsets are suitable for all body types. However, if your cup size is DD or more, then you should consider buying an overbust corset to provide you with extra support. An underbust corset is better for daily use but overbust corset is comparatively more flexible. To assess your lifestyle and perhaps get each of both to wear them interchangeably as per your need. Corsets are versatile piece of garment that are both fashionable and practical. They can be worn for waist reduction or to dress up your regular attire. So in order to pick the perfect one, make sure you know the purpose of your corset.


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