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Benefits of Corsets

An Hour Glass Figure

Over time, your corset can literally change the shape of your waist helping you to achieve an hourglass shape with consistency! You’ll really notice a difference when you’re laced up though, most people see a reduction in their natural waist of 3” or more with the right size corset for their figure.

Instantly Improved Posture

You don’t need to be an avid waist trainer to reap the benefits of improved posture while you’re laced up. You’ll notice that while you’re laced up your shoulders will be back instead of hunched forward and your lower back will love the added support! Many people report that their corset alleviates their daily back pain, too.


Many people say their corset gives them a coat of armour to wear through the day and we couldn’t agree more! Whether you attribute the confidence boost to your improved posture commanding respect or because you love the way your clothes fit in your corset, we think you’ll agree that lacing up in a corset gives you a little ego boost.

Weight Loss 

When laced at a comfortable reduction, your waist training corset can act like an external lap band to help you with portion control. Contrary to many corset myths out there, you’ll notice that although you can eat and drink normally in a corset you won’t be able to eat as large of quantities in one sitting while laced up. No matter your goals, we always recommend a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lots of water.

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